Glyn Mottershead and Hannah Waldram kicked off what promises to be a 10 weeks of stimulating discussion about the changing face of online journalism.
Glyn gave us a brief run down of the key issues interspersed with LOLcats and XKCD maps (to illustrate key points of course).
He then introduced Hannah who shared her experiences of course.
She warned against cynicism and viewing new technologies as a ‘fad’. Instead she said we should be playful and experimental.
Sage advice I think. It seems to me that the key to online success is discovering how to make technology work for you, so as to better achieve the things you want to do in Journalism.
If a piece of new hardware or application software allows us enter into a greater dialogue with a larger number of people then it should be embraced.
After all if we are to believe Harold Evans “news is people”.
To be fearful or unduly reverent of new technologies is completely unjustified.
The history of Journalism (like the history of human society in general) is totally tied up with technological discovery.
Typewriters, telephones and fax machines all changed the way in which journalists worked.
What they didn’t do was alter what journalist’s role of “serving the community by helping inform citizens in a democratic society”.
This is a duty which pre-dates the Gutenburg Galaxy and which will not be discharged even after the last printing press falls silent for the final time.