There’s a radical energy underpinning what Daniel Meadows does.
From the irrepressible delivery of his presentation to the democraticising intentions of his digital story telling, it all fizzes with the same undeniable passion.
He believes the old adage that history is written by the victor.
But new media technologies gives us a way of taking part in this process.
Drawing on the work of Greil Marcus, Meadows shows the importance of documenting a history of unheard voices which differ from those heard in the mainstream.
Meadows quotes Ivan Illich to show how we are powerless in the face of media if we cannot produce our own information.
Meadows said:

“Every time there’s a new piece of technology, a new way of talking to the people, someone goes out and risks everything to do it.”

Although Meadows believes Digital Story Telling to be a recent example of this he concedes that it is less about the technology itself but about a mind set of listening not telling, of facilitating the audience’s voice. And, considering the new technologies I encounter everyday I think the potential of the latest wave of new media to empower and liberate is very high indeed.