“Anywhere in the city—I’ll tell you the best public toilet.”

Here is my George Costanza style run down of toilets in Cardiff which can be used for free.
Now if this isn’t in the public interest I don’t know what is.
I’ve tried my best to find all the toilets available.
Some of those included are technically “for customer use only”, although I think if you’re feeling bold you should be able to use them without losing too much face.

In my experience of blogging the ability to use the internet to gather information can make you a little lazy so I decided – at the risk of looking like a degenerate – to go out and see some of the toilets for myself.

Initially I’d had some skepticism about data-mapping, along the lines of “writing is what I want to do” but these soon dispelled once I’d spent the afternoon of walking around and talking to people.
Regardless of how you intend to publish your findings, the process of information gathering is not only important but also exciting. 
When it comes to presentation your responsibility is to display the information in a way that conveys the energy that was used in find it.

about the map:

  • I’ve tried to include toilets which I was certain about, if I have made any mistakes please let me know, also if you have a favourite toilet which I have missed then please let me know.
  • In terms of development there are a number of areas I’d like to improve upon.
  • Most of the sites so far are in the city centre, however I would love to cover the whole of Cardiff.
  • I would also like to enhance the accessibility information, providing more comprehensive information for disabled people and expanding to cover baby changing facilities.
  • In keeping with this I would also like to include opening times and potentially some kind of night and day distinction, for if this worked it could be useful in curbing anti-social behavior.
  • Finally I’d like to have some kind of grading scheme, probably based around the coloured markers, this could be used to rate cleanliness and safety of the toilets.

Photo by Possan Extra information from Guardian local.