A lot of journalists see four square as a valuable tool for the profession but no one has quite figured out how we’re going to use it.

In theory geolocation ties in perfectly with the trend for hyperlocal news coverage and the shift towards representing niche communities.

But while businesses such as Dominos seem to be cashing in on sites such as Foursquare, journalists seem unsure exactly how to make the service work for them.

There have been specific examples such as Wall Street Journal using a shout to warn users of a bomb scare in Time Square but no general pattern of usage seems to have caught on.

I had a think about how Foursquare could be used in music journalism but couldn’t come up with much.

There’s the possibility for realtime coverage of an event, drawing on collaborative feedback from others in attendance.

But with little possibility of opening this up to a wider readership it seems a little pointless.

I’m always keen on new ways to cover events but struggle to see a way of journalists using Foursquare.

If anyone has got a great suggestions of how music writers or other kinds of reporters can use the site I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Until then I remain open minded yet skeptical.