I have enjoyed running my niche blog – Teen Hegemony – an alternative music blog with the intention of championing new music.

I chose to do a music blog because it is a topic I have a real passion for and welcomed the challenge of attracting readers given the large amount of competition out there.

Certain aspects of the blog worked well, in terms of readership it has been quite successful. By using facebook and twitter to promote my content I have received a fair number of hits (150 on my busiest day), my analytics also show the use of SEO helped to generate hits, most notably a post about a recent news story was within the first 20 results on google.

In terms of my niche I have conversations with other writers covering a similar patch and have had a couple of guests posts. However my niche was probably not unique enough and it was difficult not focusing on a specific geographic locale. This meant finding news pegs to justify my posts and there was a bit of a lack of news concerning music I like.

I have enjoyed experimenting with new technologies on my blog. The use of video has been particularly successful and I have nearly a thousand views for one of my uploads. Elsewhere I have enjoyed using maps and charts but I have sometimes been frustrated by the limits of wordpress’ free service which have prevented me from using some of the code I would have liked to.

My main shortcoming was a failure to post as often as I would have like. It was difficult to find time for regular updates and I ended up restricted to shorter posts rather than the longer, more in-depth writing I originally hoped for.

These same time constraints have seen me abandon my blog recently but it is something I would like to return to as the experience has been positive, I have received good feedback and the techniques and ideas I have picked up during the online module allowed me to develop a far stronger online presence than I had before.

In terms of the future I hope to push the blog forward by proactively searching for new music, I hope to draw more content from soundcloud and continue to experiment with new digital techniques.